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MBBR Biofilter Media Model Y3-2 Black, moving bed filter media,kaldnes k1 k2 k3 bio filter media,Aquaculture filter media,biofilm media

Item No.: Y3-2
Saving Space MBBR Fliter Media Y3/  25*12mm Size 19 Hole number For Waste Water Treatment / RAS With Black Color /Virgin HDPE Material White Color MBBR Filter Bio Medias For Water Treatment,  moving bed filter media,kaldnes k1 k2 k3 bio filter media,Aqua
Product parameters
MBBR Biofilter Media: Size:25*12mm , 19Hole, Efficient Surface>500m2/m3
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Description Specification Project Case

You Top MBBR filter media is a novel biologically active carrier,  it adopts scientific formula, depending on the nature of water, blending a variety of beneficial microorganisms grow quickly attached trace elements in polymer materials, through a special process modification, constructed, with more than large surface area, hydrophilic, high biological activity, biofilm fast, good effect, good impact resistance.

You Top MBBR filter media using advantages:
1. The material of You Top Media is made from modified FDA group HDPE material which the density is small than water. Of course ,It can be customize different density MBBR bio media according to different waste water.
2. Rapid carrier biofilm formation mechanism
3. Super decarburization, ammonia nitrogen removal capacity
4. Excellent resistance to shock load performance
5. Application of flexible and diverse way
6. Simple operation and maintenance
7. Long service life ,more than 20 years
8. Deoxidation and phosphorus removal effect is good


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The solutions based on MBBR technology is mainly used in the following applications:
+ For new plants, especially those requiring a small footprint and easy operation, for BOD/COD and nitrogen removal
+ As a high loading system in front of existing biological treatment - roughing reactor
+ To increase the amount of nitrifying bacteria in existing activated sludge system using the You Top Media in a other plant to meet ammonia limits
+ To implement post-treatment to existing plants for process improvements