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PVC Granules for Extruded profiles

Item No.: PVC1
PVC Granules for Extruded profiles,Such as Profile ,corner,flexible strip,panel and others
Product parameters
New Modified Plastic Granules: PVC Granules for Extruded profiles
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YOU TOP have been developing all kinds of modified PVC, PP, EVA and other materials with many colleges, and the current products have been extended to the building materials, home appliances, automotive, manufacturing and other fields.
We can customize for you according to your machine model, production process, the mould features ,etc. We will be your personal tailor of raw material.

Environmental Certification
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Product Category
PVC Granules for Extruded profiles
PVC Granules for film
PVC Granules for hose
PVC/TPR/EVA Granules for shoes
PVC Granules for Car mat
Modified PP material
Flame retardant level PP/ABS/PE