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Transparent Profile

Item No.: t2
Tranparent Profile,Rigid Tranparent Pipe1,PVC material
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You Top Plastic Technology is a professional, comprehensive ,hi-tech and innovative plastic products enterprise specializing in the independent production of raw material ,design Tooling and plastic products manufacture service .The wide range of custom-made PVC extrusions, You Top has the tooling for a variety of high-quality, standard, made-to-order plastic extrusion products. We do not hold stock but attempt a quick turnaround from date of order to delivery, normally within 2 to 3 weeks.

Minimum order quantities (MOQ) vary according to the profile. For a list of standard PVC profiles visit our Standard Extrusion Product List to see if we have a product that suits your specification.

You Top Plastic is an industry-leading custom plastics extruder offering China extrusion and finishing services .In the past several years, we offer OEM plastic profile customized services for domestic and foreign customers, product customization experience more than 1,000 types.

Transparent Profile,Transparent PVC Profile,Transparent extrusion