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Huzhou Husu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd is a professional, comprehensive ,hi-tech and innovative plastic products enterprise specializing in the independent production of raw material ,design Tooling and plastic products manufacture service . Husu ‘s well-equipped factory has a wide range of extrusion and Injection equipment which allows the manufacture of a great variety of plastic extrusions and Injections for many industry sectors. Major production and sales of various Extrusion profiles, Injection products, PVC raw materials, Child protection products, MBBR Filter Media, etc., which are widely used in construction, automobile parts, electrical appliances, machinery parts, sewage treatment and other industries. Currently, Our products have been well selling in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and other regions.
Husu manufacturing facilities provide the flexibility to produce plastic profiles in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colors. Our extrusion lines can handle tubes up to 350mm in diameter and profiles up to 500mm wide.
Secondary operations such as drilling, slotting, punching, welding, and sanding can be automated on-line and other ancillary parts can be fitted as required. The plastic extrusions can be cut to lengths or coiled as necessary. We are happy to discuss any post extrusion requirements.
We work closely with our customers to ensure that their requirements are met from design through to delivery. Husu Plastic is an industry-leading custom plastics extruder offering China extrusion and finishing services .In the past several years, we offer OEM plastic profile customized services for domestic and foreign customers, product customization experience more than 1,000 types
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